Ray Horsnell

I’ve just found this tribute to a local newspaper photographer who I remember very well from my school days. Not only did he cover things like our school sports day, but he was also at the newspaper when I visited their darkrooms on a school trip.

Reflections on ‘Making it up’

My main feeling about the result of this assignment is that I feel that it needs more ‘frames’ between the ones that I have created. The death of the soldier in, particular, needs something of the soldier himself rather than just the shot of the machine gun. The original concept was for eight images, including two to end the sequence. They would be of the grand-daughter finding a case after her grandmother’s death, then opening the case to find the original letters and handkerchief. I have not been able to shoot these, but it might be possible to add them prior to assessment. Continue reading Reflections on ‘Making it up’

Assignment 5 – Making it up

Construct a stand-alone image of your choice. Alternatively, you may choose to make a series, elaborating on the same theme.

I had several ideas for this assignment, mainly based around the exercises I had done earlier in the course.

My first idea related back to the alternative scenario that I imagined for Assignment Two: Using props.

This involved the idea of a handkerchief being given to a soldier as a memento of his lover as he went to war. The soldier dies on the battlefield and the handkerchief is returned to his lover after his death. The handkerchief is then found many years later by the soldier’s granddaughter.

This idea I had put on hold, due to lack of models and costumes, so initially I decided to re-shoot my photograph for Childhood Memory and make it look like a genuine old photograph. Having created the new image, I was about to submit it as assignment five, but I was not totally happy that it was enough. Continue reading Assignment 5 – Making it up

Childhood Memory – Take 2

When I took my photograph for the Childhood Memory exercise, it was back in February. Having requested a critique I was quite rightly criticised for the fact that my boots were cut off at the bottom, and one person commented on the robin in the picture, stating that it was probably produced in Photoshop, and that it resulted in the loss of reality in the image. Consequently I decided to retake it, but I was rather beaten by the weather. Continue reading Childhood Memory – Take 2

Howard Denner

This is a link to a photographer that I met a couple of weeks ago. Before he retired he was a freelance photographer working for a picture agency taking photographs of musicians for the musical press. We had quite a long discussion on the subject and how after working for the civil service and retiring early he became a professional photographer.


Coin photography

As a favour for a friend who is an avid coin collector, I have been doing some coin photography. Using a macro lens and an off-camera flash, I’ve taken these coin pictures for him to sell coins on eBay.

The technique that seems to work best is to mount the coin on something long to get it away from the background. I used a Pritt Stick. Then surround the coin with a cylinder of white paper. Use a lamp or flash so that the paper diffuses the light, and reflects it around. Continue reading Coin photography

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