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Addendum to Exercises 2

The course book asks me to look at back at my earlier work and find a image which could be used to illustrate one of the aesthetic codes discussed in the project.

My choice is this:

IMG11600Taken when I was working in Valencia, it gives me a feeling of entrapment. The beach and the sea beyond are unattainable, whilst I am trapped behind the iron railing.

This wasn’t far from the truth as I was working long hours in the city and never seemed to to get the opportunity to relax and visit the beach. The image was taken from my apartment, and the railing was actually the safety rail on my balcony.

Exercise 2.3

Exercise 2.3 required me to take a photograph at the short end of my zoom range and from a low viewpoint to demonstrate the convergence resulting from the wide angle. I took several of these shots as the following contact sheet shows.

Exercise 2001I think this is the best image as it shows the convergence of the vertical scaffold poles which results from both the wide angle lens and the vertical perspective.

17mm (25mm) focal length



Exercise 2.2

For this exercise I was required to take two portrait shots at different focal lengths, but keeping the subject the same size in both shots.

Here is the contact sheet:

Exercise 2001The two images that I have chosen were taken at opposite ends of my zoom range.

Left – 50mm (75mm) focal length. Right 17mm (25mm) focal length.(Numbers in brackets are equivalent focal lengths on a 35mm camera) 

As you can see, there are notable differences between the two shots. On the first shot at the long end of the zoom, we can see the cars at the far end of the yard, but they are quite out of focus despite the small f stop (f/11). Also my subject’s face is quite flat in the shot, with her ears just visible.

In the second shot, taken at the shortest focal length, you can no longer see the far end of the yard and the trees have disappeared behind her head, but cars nearer to the camera have become visible. Also my subject’s face has become rounded with her ears no longer visible and her nose more prominent.