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Jeff Koons

On 5th September I attended the study visit at Norwich Castle to see the Artist Rooms exhibition of works by Jeff Koons.

As one of only two photography students attending the study visit, I was interested to see what a modern artist was creating. My other photographic colleague stated that he was there to discover ‘what art is’. More of this later.

Koons is sometimes called the King of Kitsch, as his art is all about mundane objects. One of the first things to strike you when entering the gallery was his display of vacuum cleaners encased in plexiglas boxes and illuminated from below with fluorescent tubes.

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Francis Bacon and the masters.

I attended the study visit for Francis Bacon and the masters at the Sainsbury Centre at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Although this was slightly off subject for me as a photography student it actually proved quite interesting. I was already aware that Bacon, unlike most artists, never liked his subjects to actually sit for him but preferred to work from a photograph, many of which he commissioned specially. Continue reading Francis Bacon and the masters.