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14th June 2017

Today is my birthday and the last day of this diary. I have written it for a whole year although a couple of days are missing and my intention to illustrate every day with a photograph proved fruitless, not least as a result of illness over the winter. Nevertheless, I more or less made a full year.

P. decided that we should go out for the day. So we headed up to the North Norfolk coast. We stopped for a celebration meal at Cookies Crab Shop in Salthouse where I had a real luxury Lobster salad.  Continue reading 14th June 2017

10th June 2017

P. was going out again today, so I opted to spend the day visiting Norfolk Open Studios. Obviously I was interested in the photography, ad there were three studios within a reasonable distance. The first was a lady who combined photography with painting. She took small details from her photographs and treated them, sometimes adding paint, to produce quite abstract results. Continue reading 10th June 2017

8th June 2017

Election Day. Today we made an early start and went out for Breakfast at Dobbie’s Garden Centre. we then went to the bank where I needed to get rid of some cash into the bank. I had collected my small change for over a year, and it had got too much to store. Taking the heavy bag of change to the bank netted over £200. It’s amazing how much change you can acquire over a couple of years.  It also meant that I got rid of any old one pound coins before they lose their value in October. Continue reading 8th June 2017