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All three of these projects* are examples of personally driven work but they become universal when we can relate to the feelings they present by visiting our own personal histories.

  1. Which of these projects resonates most with you, and why?

  2. How do you feel about the loss of authorial control that comes when the viewer projects their own experiences and emotions onto the images you’ve created?

*Peter Mansell, Dewald Botha – Ring Road, Jodie Taylor Memories of Childhood.

Of the three projects mentioned the one which resonates more with me than the others is Memories of Childhood by Jodie Taylor. It reminds me very much of a project that I would like to do myself. When I was a youngster, just starting playing with cameras, I took a lot of photographs of my immediate area. Many of these were slides and I still have my slide collection from those days and one day I will get around to cataloguing them. Continue reading Exercise

Reflections on Poetry exercise.

I will admit to finding this exercise quite hard. As I said in my text, I am not a poetry person, so finding a poem which resonates with me was quite difficult. I decided on this poem both because the current season would give me chances of illustrating it, and also because it was one poem which I recall from my youth. I cannot now recite it by heart, but it sticks in my memory as one of significance. Continue reading Reflections on Poetry exercise.


Choose a poem that resonates with you then interpret it through photographs. Don’t attempt to describe the poem but instead give a sense of the feeling of the poem and the essence it exudes.

I’m not a particularly poetic person, having been rather turned off poetry by English lessons at school. It took me some time to decide which poem I could use for this exercise. Given the time of year I finally settled for a poem that we had to learn by heart at school, which is John Keats Ode to Autumn. Continue reading Exercise