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Childhood Memory – Take 2

When I took my photograph for the Childhood Memory exercise, it was back in February. Having requested a critique I was quite rightly criticised for the fact that my boots were cut off at the bottom, and one person commented on the robin in the picture, stating that it was probably produced in Photoshop, and that it resulted in the loss of reality in the image. Consequently I decided to retake it, but I was rather beaten by the weather. Continue reading Childhood Memory – Take 2

Exercise – Masquerades

Is there any sense in which Lee’s work could be considered voyeuristic or even exploitative? Is she commenting on her own identity, the group identity of the people she photographs, or both?

I must admit that Lee’s work makes me feel that it is similar to those programmes where a young person is dressed up to be old, or a thin person made up to be fat in order to experience what it is like to be in that situation. Continue reading Exercise – Masquerades

Exercise – Autobiographical self-portraiture

Looking at the images referenced here, I do find that some of them make me feel really uncomfortable. Gillian Wearing’s images of herself with masks on to hide her identity make me feel that she is hiding. The question which I ask is, is there anything of herself in that image?

A good example is the photograph of herself as Robert Mapplethorpe. This is a pastiche of one of his own images, and making a mask of his face to cover her face, really neither praises the original Mapplethorpe photograph, nor does it say anything about her. Continue reading Exercise – Autobiographical self-portraiture