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Exercise – Conversation

Record a real conversation with a friend. (It’s up to you whether you ask permission or not!)

Before listening to the recording, write your account of both sides of the conversation.

Then listen to the recording and make note of the discrepancies. Perhaps there are unfinished sentences, stammers, pauses, miscommunications etc.

Reflect upon the believability of re-enacted narratives and how this can be applied to constructed photography. What do you learn from the conversation recording process and how can you transfer what you learned into making pictures?

For this exercise, I recorded a conversation with my friend Pam in the pub. It was mainly about the failure of her computer. Windows had had an update and it had started to cause her computer to freeze. I stated that there had already been several complaints about the update and that she wasn’t the only one. She had contacted a friend, David, who had checked the computer and found that the processor could not cope with the new updated version of windows, it was apparently running at one hundred percent the whole time. She had decided to buy a new computer and had asked advice from some people who knew about computers and had decided to buy a Hewlett Packard laptop as he did not want a desktop computer. She said that she had spent all morning trying to talk to Microsoft about the update but had been unable to get through to anyone. Continue reading Exercise – Conversation