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Exercise 5.1

This exercise is called “The distance between us”. I wasn’t absolutely sure what this meant, but a discussion with my tutor told me that it referred to emotional distance.

Consequently I decided that portraits would be required and the obvious suitable subjects would be my fiancée and her son. She would be closest to me both physically and emotionally whilst her son would be further away. Continue reading Exercise 5.1

Exercise 4.3 – The Beauty of Artificial Light

For this exercise I was asked to take photographs to show ‘The beauty of artificial light’. This required me to take -photographs purely under artificial light and for that I decided to take photographs by night in a nearby town.

The town I chose was Ely in Cambridgeshire, This has a large cathedral, as well as an illuminated High Street and other streets around it. As I took these photographs on a Friday, there were a lot of people around, so I made the decision to set my camera to ISO 800 and try to take the photographs without a tripod. Continue reading Exercise 4.3 – The Beauty of Artificial Light