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Student Profile

I’m Gary, a new student at OCA.

I’ve always been interested in photography, doing my own processing and printing when I was younger, including some colour work (I still have my colour enlarger). When I left school I wanted to study photography at the Regent Street Polytechnic, but having done GCEs in science subjects rather than art I did not have the relevant qualifications. Instead I went to the University of Kent in Canterbury, where I achieved a BSc Hons. in electronics.

I am taking this degree largely as a retirement project as I intend to retire this year. I am currently 62, and have been working for the past 40 years as a sound engineer in television. I have been freelance for the past 15 years since I gave up a regular job to look after my children.

I currently use a Sigma SD1 DSLR, although I still have some film cameras including a rather ancient Zenza Bronica medium format camera, but the impracticalities of home processing and the poor quality of commercial processing persuaded me to make the move to digital some years ago.

Over the years my job has given me the chance to work with and take photographs of quite a few celebrities, but I can’t exactly call my photography artistic, which is one of the main reasons that I want to take this course; quite apart from the eventual possibility of achieving a second degree.

My current partner, Patricia is also a student with the OCA, studying for a textile degree.

My current address is Awry Cottage, West Road, Shouldham Thorpe, Norfolk, PE33 0DP., and I can be contacted either via my OCA email address, or at my personal address of