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Reflections on Poetry exercise.

I will admit to finding this exercise quite hard. As I said in my text, I am not a poetry person, so finding a poem which resonates with me was quite difficult. I decided on this poem both because the current season would give me chances of illustrating it, and also because it was one poem which I recall from my youth. I cannot now recite it by heart, but it sticks in my memory as one of significance. Continue reading Reflections on Poetry exercise.

Can photography change the world?

As I type this, the Syrian refugee crisis is continuing, with thousands of people attempting to get into Europe across the Mediterranean from Africa.

Just two days ago, the public perception of this changed and what changed it was one photograph:

This photograph is no longer available
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This photograph showing a dead 3-year-old boy being recovered from the sea on the Turkish coast hit the media and resulted in a complete reversal of public opinion. Continue reading Can photography change the world?

Should a photographer be just an observer?

This subject was brought to my attention recently when my son was caught in flood water. He noted that a photographer was at the scene and was more than a little shocked a couple of days later to find a photograph of the incident in his local paper. His concern was not that the photograph was taken but that the photographer did nothing to help his situation.

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So should we just be an observer or should we take part?

This is a question particularly relevant to war photographers. One of the most famous pictures from the Vietnam war is that of a young girl fleeing napalm.

Taken by photographer Nick Ut immediately after a napalm bombing by the South Vietnamese airforce, the girl was seriously burned, but the photographer, rather than just acting as an observer, took the girl and some of the other injured to hospital, almost certainly saving her life. He continued to visit her in hospital until the evacuation of Saigon.

What would you do in a similar situation?