6th June 2017

An absolutely foul day. It rained all day today, and the wind was powerful. It was difficult to believe that it was June, it was more like a cold day in March.That meant that there was nothing that I could do in the garden. All I did was to let out the chickens and ducks, but even the chickens never wanted to come out of their house it was so cold and blasty.

Instead, I spent all day on the computer, trying to migrate this blog onto a different server. The problem is that our internet here is very slow, and as a result, uploads crawl along. That was fine at first, but as I recently discovered, it is a real problem with sites that I host. Consequently, I took up an offer for a cheap shared server with fast access, and that is where I am trying to move this blog due to the number of images. I have already moved one website, that of the parish magazine, but WordPress is proving to be a problem. I can use a couple of transfer utilities, but it simply doesn’t want to work.

The day never improved, either in terms of weather or success with the blog. Went to bed late, very frustrated.


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