7th June 2017

It is still not a nice day. Plenty of rain, so not a lot I can do outside.

I spent most of today on the computer. I’ve moved this blog, but to say that it was an interesting exercise is an understatement. The reason is that it’s previously been hosted on my hard drive, here in the house, however, I’ve decided that the broadband here is far too slow and everything takes ages to upload. Plus, we’ve booked a holiday which coincides with the assessment this November, so if the local internet or my server fail during the assessment, I will not be here to get it going again. I’ve already migrated the website for the local parish magazine, which was also hosted on my server. That was a little easier as I had completely written it myself. Changing WordPress from one machine to another is not easy, and although there are utilities to help, none of them seemed to work correctly. Apart from anything else, uploading all the media on this website took five hours, which only goes to show how slow our internet is.

I’ve also added some more items to my blog, as I am nearly at the end of C and N. Only one exercise and the assignment left to do. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m not sure which are practical. Probably none unless tha=is rain stops.


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