8th June 2017

Election Day. Today we made an early start and went out for Breakfast at Dobbie’s Garden Centre. we then went to the bank where I needed to get rid of some cash into the bank. I had collected my small change for over a year, and it had got too much to store. Taking the heavy bag of change to the bank netted over £200. It’s amazing how much change you can acquire over a couple of years.  It also meant that I got rid of any old one pound coins before they lose their value in October.

From the town, we went to vote at the local Village Hall. Nobody else there, but the attendants said that they had had over 200 people in so far. On the day of the Council election a month ago, only seven people voted at Hall. That is hardly a good turnout for a village of about 600 people.

In the evening we settled down to watch the results as they came through.  The BBC’s coverage was pretty dreadful. Lots of clever graphics, but often they didn’t give the correct data, the sound from the declarations was terrible, even the presenter commented on it. He was also having problems and didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. The results at 3 a.m. when we went to bed were interesting. It looks like UKIP had lost out, and their votes had gone equally to the Conservative Party and to Labour.

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