9th June 2017

We stayed up until 3 a.m this morning watching the election results coming in. It didn’t seem too good when we went to bed looking like an open contest. When we woke this morning and turned the radio on, we had woken to a hung parliament. This doesn’t look good for the country in any respect.

P. was out most of the day, so I got on with some homework, including taking photographs in the garden. I don’t know whether what I am doing will be good enough, but it’s one idea that I can achieve.

I am also moving this blog onto another server. I think I have achieved what I wanted to do, but it still needs some tweaking to get it right.

P. arrived home just as I was going out to Ely for their eight bell practice. The ringing chamber at Ely was very hot, so once we had rang for about an hour, the tower captain ended the practice and unusually for an Ely practice we went to the pub. I got home a bit later that I was expecting, but P. was quite happy with that as she had been sleeping on the couch whilst I was out. We had a late meal and went to bed.

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