10th June 2017

P. was going out again today, so I opted to spend the day visiting Norfolk Open Studios. Obviously I was interested in the photography, ad there were three studios within a reasonable distance. The first was a lady who combined photography with painting. She took small details from her photographs and treated them, sometimes adding paint, to produce quite abstract results.

The second studio was that of a retired freelance photographer who took pictures of jazz, blues and rock artists. Some of his photographs were very impressive and he told me how he had started in the business. Apparently he took some pictures for a friend then tried to get into a gig to photograph but was told that he could not do so unless he was working for an agency. He applied to an agency to get a pit pass and was amazed when they asked him to cover a Tina Turner concert in London. from then his career took off, and he had photographed many artists including David Bowie, Diana Ross, Queen and Status Quo. Interesting to me, he had also photographed Bryan Adams at Wembley, where I had rigged the communications for the TV coverage.

The third studio was set up in a small art gallery in Cromer. He had taken some interesting landscape shots of the Norfolk coast, but had also taken a series of people sitting in bars in Paris. I asked him how he wet about it, and he said that he often shot ‘from the hip’ without looking at the viewfinder and making the camera obvious.

Finally I visited Salthouse church which ahd an art exhibition which also features photographs. I have to say that these were pretty appalling with about half of the out of focus, and others poorly framed. Not a patch on the ones that I had seen earlier that day.

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