12th June 2017

Today was quite a hard day. I have to go back to the hospital to have another biopsy. This time it is on a spot on my ear. It has been erupting in hard crusts. The ointment that the doctor gave me got rid of it for a while but it keeps reoccurring.

I was treated by a couple of nurses, one of whom I had met before. A chunk four millimetres was cut four of my ear, and a single stitch put in.

I didn’t have a long time to recover before it was time for me to go to the local P.C.C. meeting where we were discussing the quinquennial (5 year) report on the state of the village Church. It needs a lot of work on the drainage was now here is there a main drain, but instead we all rely on septic tanks and soakaways. Those around ¬†the Church have become blocked and water is seeping into the walls. Replacing ¬†stairways completely could be expensive. And with only eleven people attending church there are not enough people to raise the money..


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