Reflections on ‘Making it up’

My main feeling about the result of this assignment is that I feel that it needs more ‘frames’ between the ones that I have created. The death of the soldier in, particular, needs something of the soldier himself rather than just the shot of the machine gun. The original concept was for eight images, including two to end the sequence. They would be of the grand-daughter finding a case after her grandmother’s death, then opening the case to find the original letters and handkerchief. I have not been able to shoot these, but it might be possible to add them prior to assessment.

I would have liked more time to shoot the first and third images. With more time I think that I could have done a better job. Unfortunately, more time was not available as I was sharing the locations with the public. What I should have done in retrospect is taken the details for the models, so that I could contact them later to re-shoot the images at the end of the day when the public had gone home.

If I were doing this again, I would have contacted the organiser prior to the event, to give me a better chance to take suitable photographs. Unfortunately I only found out about the event a couple of days before it happened. This is an important point for me to remember in later assignments.

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